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Stop the abuse!!!

"Through no fault of their own, pit bulls have a bad reputation. For decades, they have been bred for fighting, trained to be aggressive and attack relentlessly, and rewarded for killing." 1

"The articles tell of pit bulls being beaten, burned, mutilated, or electrocuted because they weren't winning fights. Winning dogs don't fare much better their ears or lips are torn off, their faces are riddled with punctures, they lose so much blood they require re-hydrating IV's so they don't die." ~Tells of the horrors that these dogs are put through. 2

"They have broken legs, missing tongues, scars on their faces and torsos." ~This tells about how awful the dogs looked after being found by the rescue workers. 3

         My opinion about dog fighting is obvious. I absolutely cannot stand any animal abuse whatsoever. I have personally known many pit bulls, and none of them showed any signs of being vicious. These poor dogs get a bad reputation that leaves them the most commonly found dog in shelters across the country. Dog fighting not only hurts the animals in the fight, but it keeps this bad rep going. This "sport" is a felony in 47 states, but in my home state, Maryland, it is only a misdemeanor. I really hope that it soon becomes a felony because the fine for misdemeanor charges is only a small bump in the road for these people who make thousands of dollars fighting their dogs. Please help me take a stand against the abuse that's going on right under our noses.
Below are some pictures of the results of pit bull fighting. I included a few pictures of healthy, happy dogs also because we can't only focus on the bad. :)
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Skinny Pit
Another Skinny Pit
Bloody Pit
Injured Pit
Red Pit
Pit Bull on chain
Cute Puppies!

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